Things that inspire me

There has been a plethora of inspiration for me as I write my Space Operas.  Not all of them were were American in nature.  Quite a few of them happened to be Japanese.  I really enjoyed the the monster movies, but something happened in the 80’s.  I discovered the animated Japanese stories.  On in particular really grabbed me.  This was the Series called StarBlazers in the US, and Space Battleship Yamato in Japan.

This series is one of the few television series that fed my imagination machine in my head.  Recently I became aware of a live action Japanese Movie called Space Battleship Yamato.  Now it has come to the US.  You can buy a blu-ray/DVD combo, or buy i fromAmazon for streaming purpose.

It is a pretty good movie, and very true to Starblazers.

Adding a new Writing Skill

One result of getting Pamela as my girlfriend is renewed interest in poetry.  I learned to write poetry in the seventh grade, and for much the same reason as the current renaissance of poetry writing.  There is only one reason for me to write poetry, and that is women.  I fell in love with my Seventh Grade Teacher, and that was the only reason I would write poetry.

Now with Pamela taking over that position in my heart I reserve for my girlfriend the muse has return.  What tools do I need in order to do poetry.  I find that I need a Rhyming dictionary.  The purpose of this dictionary is t check for rhymes, and whether something is considered to rhyme.

Another tools is a decent Dictionary.  This is for those words which you are using in a different way than normal.  Can you stretch that word to mean how you want?

The last tool is a thesaurus.  This can help you find those words which have a similar meaning.

These tools I installed on my iPad.  Where I write is different than how I write my books.  I write in a mid-sized Notebook, by hand.  Once written I check meter, and rhyme.  This produced the final copy in my notebook.  There, I type it into a word document, or I calligraphy the poem.  This final document is given to my beloved.

My Take on the Apple Pay Issue

The shenanigans being perpetrated by certain retailers have left me to believe that they are not really worried about their customers.  All Walmart, Target, et. al. did was unify the tech base.  Never before have I seen two communities come together over a tech issue.  Both the Android crowd and the iPhone crowd are working together.

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