DevonThink’s new Templates

With the latest update to the DevonThink 2.0 public beta they added some new functionality that might be interesting to some of you. Earlier I discussed about the 43 folder system, and the president of the company was kind enough to show me that you could implement the 43 folders system with DevonThink by using registers. Well they added a lot more to DevonThink than the registers.

They’ve created a whole template system with some built in templates for you to use. This actually makes DevonThink a sort of database in a rather interesting way. DevonThink has a rather detailed search capability and searching for documents containing information is quite easy. So in a real sense you can query your “database” of files to get to the information that you want.

Just what kinds of files are we talking about here. Two of the more interesting ideas are the web login documents, as well as the serial numbers. Right now I got this information in my Bento database. The problem with that is that the bento database is proprietary. The files in DevonThink are not proprietary though the format of the database might be.

What kinds of information are they suggesting? I already mentioned files that store serial numbers and online account information. Library classification systems. Organizational systems. Even a Project Management system for maintaining documents. All of these are available in the data menu under “new from template.”

Another thing that I missed is creating your own databases by making form data with rtf files. Gotta think out side of the box, sometimes.


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