Using the OneNote App on SkyDrive

Microsoft OneNote is the one instance when Microsoft got it right the first time.  I have been using OneNote off and on since the first version.  It is described as Note taking software, I call it data aggregation software.  The main problem is that there is no true OneNote replacement for the other platforms.  Microsoft does not seem to want to build a OneNote client for the Mac.  After the break Microsoft’s solution for allowing multiple platform use of OneNote

I want to apologize for my short shrift to Microsoft SkyDrive because SkyDrive had a problem with one of my app’s files.  SkyDrive is quite economical if you want more than the 7 GB you get for free.  The interesting thing is that SkyDrive comes with a set of apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


You don’t get the full App, nor do you get the ability to write notes anywhere on the page, but you do get the ability to connect to the OneNote files on SkyDrive.  You can create  OneNote Notebook with the webapp.  You can also connect to the SkyDrive OneNote notebook with your OneNote Application


Now you can Have your OneNote notebook, and travel with it too.

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