Full Screen Writing Mode in Word 2010

Sometimes you just want the simplicity of writing on a sheet of paper without distractions.  Most people are okay with a busy desktop, but sometimes I want to be alone with my writing.  That’s where using a product like Word 2010, or other word processors can help.  After the break how to turn off the distractions so you can do some writing.

In 2003 Microsoft was touting their ability to hide the desktop so all you could see is the writing.  For me this was a God send.  I learned to write on a typewriter.  I loved the blankness of a new sheet of paper.  A computer can do so much more now that it is not unheard of for me to have my Outlook, Access, and Word all open at the same time.  That is a lot of distraction, especially the email client.

To make Word display an editable full screen view of your document you need to do a  Video Game-like key combination.  With Word open Type ALT+V release and then press U.  That will put you in full screen mode in Word 2007 or 2010.

To add a button to the quick access toolbar click on the drop down control on the right of the quick access tool bar.  You will get a command dialog.  Select all command and it I s under toggle full screen view.  Add it ot the toolbar, and now you can toggle full screen mode in Word.


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10 thoughts on “Full Screen Writing Mode in Word 2010

  1. person

    How do I get out of full screen, if the dialog box didn’t show up? I blame you and Word 2013 for getting me into this mess! Help me get out of it please!

  2. Mike

    I’m not saying it suohld be of paramount importance, but as writers suohldn’t we respect the rules of the language we’re using? I’m talking grammar, sorry. Blogs, emails, suchlike encourage a more careless approach, I know, than we’d use for our manuscripts and the rules are difficult, but I’m pretty sure it’s not you’re’ for your’ or it’s’ for its’. (Now I’ll check over this message and miss an error probably!)

  3. ZHM

    I love you, no seriously, I do … thank you so so much, for a serial writer, this is a God sent … Bless your heart, your fingers and your beautiful mind … I also made my taskbar auto-hidden, this way the screen is only my writing

  4. Spooky

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Being forced to use Word 2010 because of Win8, I hated the cluttered screen, and couldn’t find the full screen option I had used with Word 2003, that is until I found your website. Your opening sentences regarding your likes and early typewriter learning experience mirrors me so much I almost thought you were writing about me. Finding out about ” toggle full screen view” has been the highlight of my day, nay week, I kid you not. Web layout view with a blue background to ease my eyes, in full screen mode, no crap, just the words. Writing life doesn’t get any better. From one writer to another, thank you so much.

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