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For most people who write the biggest high is acceptance.  When your book or short story is accepted by a publisher or editor, it’s like Christmas.  What do you do when you know you’ve written the best book that you can and you keep getting rejected?  In the modern era we are like it was in the heady days of early printing presses.  After the break a possible market to look at to market you books.

I’ve always approached my writing as if it were a business.  I’ve written books for courses as well as my fiction.  In all that time I have written to get paid, and to experience the worlds that are in my head.  Until you have been paid to write you really can’t call yourself a pro writer.

For years the gatekeeper to the mass market book trade were the publishers.  You did not get into the bookshelves unless you were being published by the publishers.  There were the vanity presses as well as the subsidy publishers.  Here you, the author, paid the publisher to print up your books, but most of the marketing had to be done by the writer.

With the Advent of personal computing, the barrier was still there.  Books cost money to print up in useful quantities.  In the Training arena you can use the just-in-time printers, but the cost of such books are in the hundreds of dollars per book.

Now there is the e-book revolution.  Authors now have the ability to create a final published book with little to no cost to themselves.  Still they have to market it.  Attracting attention is a game that can cost a lot of money.  Your market is small, you might get some sales, but you have to get people to the market place to get them to buy.  What we need is a larger marketplace where our books can be seen.


Amazon has an initiative to help authors self-publish.  They call it Kindle Direct Publishing.  They promise up to 70% of the price of the book combing back to you.  How you benefit is that you get your book onto one the largest eBook distributors on the planet.  They may or may not do any marketing on their site, but nothing says that you can’t do a little marketing on your own.

Why this is interesting is that you are on the same shelf as the big person publishers.  There is no cost to sign up.  If you are a writer and have a book ready, then think about publishing with Amazon.

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