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.As part of my mandate to find software at the right price and just as useful, I went searching for a screen recording software for Windows with those properties.  It’s amazing that Microsoft has not provided this, or it it did, I have not found it.  Apple does for the Mac.  You can record your screen with Quicktime which is included in Lion.  After the break a pretty good  free screen recorder for Windows 7.

This software is not for Windows 7 only.  It is one of those programs that was developed for an earlier version and still works on Windows 7.  I have had no trouble with this software and it is still under development.  The software is called Camstudio.


CamStudio is relatively easy to use.  Click on the record button and it will record your entire screen right now.  By choosing the Region you can record just a window, or a region of your screen that you can select.  It can record a microphone.  I would suggest that you mute the microphone going to the speakers.  This will prevent you hearing the microphone on a small delay which I found troublesome to speak with.


Camstudio puts all of it’s files on the Windows Temp directory by default.  To change the recording directory you go to Options>>program Options>>Directory for Recording.  You can choose to have the program ask for a recording directory.

When I record Windows 7 for use with this website or my own training I use this product and it has given me videos of good quality with excellent audio quality.

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One thought on “A free screen recorder for Windows

  1. Jerry

    Ah, if you’re serious in finding a free software for creating software tutorials or demos on Windows, you should try ActivePresenter.
    Camstudio is good but without any editing capabilities. With ActivePresenter, you can easily edit after recorded like adding annotations, changing cursor path, adding/editing audio narration, adding zoom-n-pan & transition effects…
    The best is you can have all these features in the free edition.

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