How My Upgrade to Mountain Lion went

Well I did it.  I took my MBP mid-2010 and upgraded it to Mountain Lion.  Pretty Interesting.  This time there was no image of a mountain lion, so I had to find them.  After the break some of the interesting things I found.

I decided to do the install as an upgrade since I had so much software on the swiss army knife of my satchel toolkit.  It worked very well buying it on the App store.  $20 price tag sure told you that you weren’t dealing with Micro$oft.

There was one quibble I had during the install.  At one point in the install the time to completion went to into negative numbers, as if Apple owed me time.  Letting it run solved that problem very nicely for me.

When mountain lion launched, All of my software was running fine.  It even found a problem with one software and downloaded and installed the fix for it.

The has been some reports concerning battery life.  Most of that is probably the indexing done by spotlight.  At first I found the OS a little more than sluggish, but once Spotlight was done with the drive it perked up.  In fact I found that the Microsoft products I’ve installed seem to work a little faster with Mountain Lion.  As far as my battery goes I have neither noticed an increase or a decrease.  I feel comfortable with the stability of the OS.  As the weeks and months go by the OS will certainly be tweaked.

Bootcamp is still there.  VMware Fusion works.  So, based on my experience, if there is no reason not to, I recommend upgrading for those machines capable of running it.

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